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Five Bottles Of Wine To Try At The Swan

At The Swan, we (and our customers) love a fine wine. We provide a wide range, available either to buy by the glass or bottle, and we firmly believe the right choice can make a big difference to your food dish too! When paired correctly, a great wine can greatly accentuate the flavours of your meal: and we love to provide that where we can.

So, below, we’ve compiled a list of five of our wines that we think are perfect to try when you next come for an evening meal with us. You don’t need to be a sommelier to enjoy them! And don’t forget, we’ll always let you try a sample before buying a glass or bottle, so if it’s not quite what you’re looking for, you can change your mind.

Five Bottles of Wine to Try at The Swan

1. Pallio di San Floriano, Verdicchio, Italy

This white wine is richly flavoured, and contains intense and persistent aromas of honey and almond blossom followed by more developed ripe fruit flavour. It’s rich and full flavoured, with concentrated peachy fruit balanced by crisp acidity and mineral notes.

Enjoy this award-winning wine with grilled fish, pork, or seafood.

The Pallio di San Floriano is available at The Swan at £32.45 for a bottle.  

2. Mirabello Pinot Grigio, Italy

If a cool, crisp rosé is more your thing, we’ve got just the recommendation for you. The Mirabello Pinot Grigio that we serve at The Swan is a fresh and appealing wine that comes from the Pavia zone of north-west Italy. The addition of early-harvested Pinot Noir grapes and gentle pressing gives the wine a delicate salmon pink colour and subtle red berry fruit. The Mirabello perfectly accompanies salads, chicken, and seafood dishes.

This is available at £5.20 per glass, or £21.75 per bottle at The Swan.

3. Camino del Palacio Real Rioja

Those who love their red meat will know how well a good, full-bodied red wine pairs with a lamb or pork dish!

We find that a Rioja is the perfect choice for such occasions. Camino del Palacio Real Rioja is a traditional style Reserva Rioja with black fruit flavours and spicy rich oak notes. The palate is medium-bodied with a real fruit driven flavour. Plum, red, and black fruit and soft vanilla notes shine through, with a long-structured finish. Why not try a glass next time you visit The Swan?

Camino del Palacio Real Rioja is available at £6.95 per glass, or £26.75 per bottle.

4. Lunetta Prosecco

Prosecco makes every occasion feel that little bit more special, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean it has to be a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day to treat yourself to this delicious sparkling wine!

This is a deliciously light and fruity Prosecco with hints of apple and peach in the notes and a fresh, softly sparkling palate. Whether you’re visiting for a delicious meal, or staying the night with us and fancy an evening drink, there’s never a bad time for a glass of bubbly or two.

Lunetta Prosecco is available at £5.35 for a glass, or £29.50 for a bottle at The Swan.

5. Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a lovely dessert wine. Our house port is bold and full-bodied with dense, dark fruit and a smooth finish. We find it pairs perfectly with chocolate, but could go well with any of the desserts that are on our menu.

If you feel like treating yourself, Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port is available at £6.50 for 100ml.

Thirsty for more? You can head to our food and drinks section to see all of our menus, including our Wine and Gins menu. Or, to book a table, head to our contact page, or speak to one of our friendly team members on 01829 733838.

Image: Hermes Rivera via Unsplash

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