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How To Plan A Pub Wedding

At The Swan at Tarporley, we are a popular venue for weddings. While the traditional options of churches, chapels and registry offices remain as popular as ever, pubs are perfect for those who want to encompass the celebratory aspect of their marriage with something a little less formal or religious.

We’re well versed with all that entails with the planning of a pub wedding, so we’ve put together this handy guide on how to plan a pub wedding! Without further ado, here are our top tips.

How to Plan a Pub Wedding

Find the perfect-size venue for your day

Now that restrictions have been eased, the happy couple can have as many guests as they like for their big day – yey! This means finding a venue that is the perfect size for your ceremony. If you’re inviting guests from far and wide, or perhaps you have a large family, there’s little point cramming everyone into a tiny room. If you’re going for a smaller, more intimate vibe, then an enormous venue might make things seem a little bare.

Our Tarporley Room has a dining capacity of up to 80 guests, with a standing capacity of 120. Guests can also be seated in one long table, which then gives a capacity of 34. So whether you’re planning a small wedding or a big bash, we can accommodate for you.

Make sure the venue is to your taste

So you’ve compiled the guest list, but how about the style of venue? Religious venues like churches, temples and mosques provide a traditional approach, but once you start to consider non-denominational settings, the possibilities are endless. From hotels and registry offices to rooftops and parks, there’s no end of options to choose from.

For those that adore the look of a traditional English pub, our Tarporley Room is perfect for you. The room was curated for occasions: with high-beamed ceilings and stunning natural light, it’s picture-perfect. One of the most historic event rooms in the North of England, our Tarporley Room has a history that dates back to 1762. With antique chandeliers, beautiful paintings and a warm fire, you’re guaranteed to love it if you’re into all things traditional!

Don’t panic about the finer details

You might be a total perfectionist, but it’s important not to get bogged down with the (seemingly endless) number of things to think about when planning a wedding. Whether it’s flowers, photography, or food, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the decisions. Why not break your tasks down into a little to-do list, or use an online planner to tick off the things you’ve sorted out when they’re done?

Better yet, in order to free up your time to think about the most important things (such as what to wear!) why not hire somebody to plan things for you?

At The Swan at Tarporley, our team will help you organise your wedding day when you choose us to host your special day. Everything from the ceremony to the entertainment will be in good hands with us!

To enquire about hiring our venue, contact us either via our contact form or by calling 01829 733838.

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